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The Thailand Connection


Of AK47s,  "Hunting," and
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Chess McCartney: America's    "Goat Man"


 The WashingtonTimes
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Truth, Fact, &
Common Sense


  To Arms! 


A Short Article
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33 Million
 Aliens -

(and counting!)
BUT...is there a
  Silver Lining

  CAMP 1239
Sons of
- Villa Rica, Ga


"Why I Stand Up for the Confederate Flag"


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Did you hear that?


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   Just What is a "Computer Guru"?



What are
The Burning Questions of the Day?


What about the TEA PARTY?




A Thai  "Block                Partee!" - (Home New)


Of Democrats
Gullible Dupes



The Very BEST independent, coeducational, residential, Liberal Arts College in the World!




The Rawai Beach area on Phuket Isand in Thailand


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September, 2005

  An Introduction  by C. Douglas Sims:

        Diverse and Eclectic, This site offers BOOKS and ARTICLES written by Emil T. Miller (Tony Miller), along with many other non-related items and topics of common, universal interest, comprising a compelling and eclectic mix indeedButtons at the top, or the links in the upper left margin will take you to excerpts of 4 of his books.  Most of the articles as well, are written and presented  by Tony, some are by others, but ALL are offered for your enjoyment, information and benefit with no request or solicitation of a purchase. Selling books would be nice, but for now the main purpose of our site is to entertain, inform and uplift.  As Tony often says; "I have three squares and a roof over.  More is not promised nor do I covet more." 


Tony as a younger man - about age 33
      Tony's works are written in the Historical and  Fiction / Adventure category for the most part, books and articles of ROUSING ACTION, ADVENTURE, MYSTERY and ROMANCE. They are researched and written using researched and true history and actual occurrences and set in the places where they occurred, places where he has also lived, worked, hunted and explored. Characters and the plots are fictional, set in and alongside actual history.  Interpretive history is included and italicized in preludes to many chapters. Verifiable and referenced anecdotes and interesting facts of history are presented, along with many OLD PHOTOS, all of which tie the adventure directly to the related real historical places, events and settings, which also use actual experiences of real people, the small and the great, the real people who were there; all known about through old letters, photographs (some included) and diaries, from Congressional Records, old newspapers and from other material in the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.  The stories themselves portray accurate history and the values of the times, but are otherwise non-political nor do they carry anyone's warped revisionist agenda.  Reading time is quality time; time to escape unfettered to other lives, to other loves, to the historical yet ever-present reality of other exciting times and places.


          Tony Miller - at the Night Bazaar in Chiang Mai - About 2011



                          El Gato

                                                       (Click the Pic!)

                   Now Available Worldwide!

A rousing, descriptive adventure of history in action from start to finish, this story is a mix of elemental struggle, mystery and romance ranging over virgin country from what is now Central Texas to and throughout present day Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and the Sonoran desert of Old Mexico in the state of Coahuila - that whole area being known in those fearful days as "Apacheria". It covers the first and only trail-breaking cattle drive Northwestward from Texas, through what was then and now known as the awesome and fearful Ghost Canyon in Colorado, one of our most breathtakingly beautiful and still mysterious western regions even today. The story interweaves the hushed, secretive Indian legend of El Gato (fact or fiction? - cat, man or spirit??) which originated in that area and in those times, along with the idyllic romance between El Gato and the beautiful Yaqui Indian princess whose father had been a rich Castillian Spanish Mexican of their ruling elite. All is based on carefully researched history and word-of-mouth Indian lore as personally told the author by a full-blood, half Cherokee - half Apache Indian, many years ago.

       (Read an excerpt here and order ISBN 0-9748194-0-9 at any bookstore or
                    Internet Bookseller - it will be shipped right to your door.)


I have now just about come to the point of putting my Southeast Asia adventures behind me, and will soon have he following books  in print and available from Amazon or from any of the booksellers on the Internet - or from any of the 35,000 bookstores Worldwide, ...to be delivered to your home in 5 to 7 days.  You can either Google the books up by the title and my name as the author, or you can email me for other information at:  tony@books-n-sundries.com

Title:                    RED JACKET and THE LUMP
Title:                      Once Upon a Time in SOUTH AMERICA

Title:                                The JADE MONKEY

...And for the Miller / Pavliska Families:

Title:                                   The big  
                 FAMILY  MEMORYBOOK / COOKBOOK  

          This last book is soon to be in print and available worldwide.  It will have about 500 pages 8 1/2 x 11, to be available in either Paperback, Hardcover, or E-Book.  It will be mostly of interest to the Miller / Pavliska family of the current and several present and future generations, and due to the size and nature of it, it should find interest outside the family as well, because it includes the results of my lifetime effort of pursuing my hobby of cooking and collecting tried and true recipes of the different areas of the country where I have lived and worked.  We'll see, or I may revise it for a 2nd publication with all the family pictures and information removed, leaving just the recipes and stories about them and how I came by them, so as to make it suitable for a wider world audience.  But for the present I will have it done as a Full Color book.  It will cost more, but for the family as an heirloom quality keepsake it will be really nice, and well worth it as I am sure you will agree.

      This author is a man of Celtic (SCOTCH/IRISH) descent with diverse experience (see "Author's Bio"), many eclectic interests, and life-long hobbies which include the study of World History and World Economics, especially as relates to our present situation as Americans; all subjects on which he has spoken.  He is one who enjoys a wide variety of the MUSIC found here; Classical, Rock 'n Roll and especially the Love Songs & Pops of the '50's, the Easy Listening, Musicals and Instrumentals of the 60's, 70's, & 80's, Cajun/Zydeco, Czech & Mexican Polkas, Country Pops, Bluegrass, and songs of the Civil War.  Those few included of the "Civil War" are not popular today of course, but they were the "Hit Tunes" of the times.  Also featured are his COOKING hints and life-long collection of his favorite RECIPES, many of which he shares here, his SENIOR and TRAVEL interests, information on the FIREARMS of WWII and others, SELF-RELIANCE and PLAIN LIVING, the SOUTH, the CIVIL WAR, our Irish/Celtic past and present heritage as proud Americans (not quasi, hyphenated Americans).  A treatise on personal SELF-DEFENSE and LINKS is included in addition to the history of his O'Miller, Brock, Matthews, Mote families; those of his wife Shirley's; Pavliska, Silhavy, and Zaruba, along with other useful GENEALOGICAL INFORMATION,  LINKS as well as other RESEARCH  LINKS to these sources that we can all use.


CLICK HERE to see Tony's Bio and some Photos:

  ...and then for Friends, Family and Old Classmates, please visit:

   Tony's Family Photo Album

   ~~~ and ~~~  

►  Tony's Classmates
  (Our School Days and Memories)  

       HOWEVER, PLEASE NOTE Although excerpts of all his books are given for you here, arrangements have not yet been finalized except for El Gato.   His other books, articles and E-Books are not yet available for sale from this site at this time (but coming soon we hope!)
     In the meantime you are invited to read the excerpts of the books provided here, bookmark our site, and contact us or sign our guest Book giving us your email address so we can notify you with one  simple email when the the other writings come available. 
     ...So in this sense and for the present, this site will be otherwise  non-commercial in nature, but there is now and will be a few items of a personal or "garage sale" nature offered for sale from time to time - (click on the "FOR SALE!" button at the top of all the pages).  
     Between then and now, we hope we can meet you somewhere out there in cyberspace, make new friends of you, that our site will uplift, inform and entertain you, and that you will be so kind as to give us your constructive comments about our site.

         Finally, please know that the author, Tony Miller, "Tony" as his friends call him, is a Christian, a Patriot, a Southron, and a political Conservative. But no matter what your leanings, you are cordially invited to join him, his family and his friends here at our site for some entertaining and informative items of broad interest.

So turn up the volume...

                                                                            Doug Sims

(P. S. - I am into Computers and woodworking.)  Click here to go to my page:
                                                            DOUG's PAGE



NOTE:  My good friend Doug Sims, who offered you my introduction above, is also my "Computer Guru" - click on it in case you don't understand exactly what that is.



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 My Current Doings....
    An Update from Tony: 

                                                 Ying   Yang
I am currently living in Southeast Asia - Thailand mostly (I go back to the States for a month every year).  Originally I came to research and have adventurous experiences in the process of writing my next book, which is now and has been on the back burner while I pursue some benign and benevolent enterprises such as renovating small, remote schools, while at other times having some rather rousing and even dangerous times helping Hmong refugees escape the oppressive tyranny of Myanmar (Burma), and the Communist regimes of Laos and Cambodia.  These usually small groups include others such as Chinese Christians who have been run out of China, and even Tibetans.  The book, if I live to write it, will probably be entitled something like:
"The Thailand Connection"
                                     Updated again!  (somewhat)

Click the link above, if you have the interest and would like to read a more in depth of my activities and experiences, know something of the time I spent in SEA, particularly in Thailand (LOS - the Land of Smiles), amongst some beautiful, smiling, hard-working, and tolerant people.  Going on 11 years now, I am still having some exciting times, even if I broke my leg and now have a limp from falling into a ravine in the mountains of northern Thailand.  (*)You can also click the link:  "Author's Bio"  if you know me and want to see what I look like after loosing 51 pounds the first three months I spent here in this hot, humid area whose people have the healthiest diet in the world according to my U. S. doctor.

...And then to see some of it through my eyes (the pictures and video clips I have taken), you can click the link below:

       ~ Tony's Thailand Photo Presentations ~


In the process of updating)
  * NOTE:  There will be about 20,000 pictures and video clips here, arranged mostly in captioned presentation albums, through which I will try to present my experiences recorded this way.    I have many more which I will eventually make available on this site as well.  Scroll the titles and pick those first that interest you the most.  ENJOY!

In this Pictorial Presentation of my Thailand Experiences, are included the rural areas in the central Thailand, and the mountainous areas of  the north, the Central agricultural areas as well as in the scenic and more touristy areas, towns  and islands of southern Thailand. All of these pictures, with few exceptions, were taken by me personally, during the last 12+ years of living and traveling in most main areas of Thailand in particular, and some in other parts of Southeast Asia.

Also please understand 2 things: These are the "convenient" pictures I was able to take, and are not fully representative of most of my life of personal adventures and benevolent work in Thailand while gathering material and experiences for a book I hope to live long enough to write.  Being focused on my newfound work and other doings, relatively few photos were taken while living in private homes in small rural Thai villages and teaching English while doing repair work on some of their older school buildings.  And there are even fewer pictures of my other activities including living with and helping Hmong political and Christian refugees escape to and live in jungly redoubts in the Northern Thai Mountains where they fled to avoid the oppressive tyrannical and communist regimes of Laos, and Cambodia as well as that of the dictatorial junta in Myanmar (Burma.
      My recent multiple fracture broken leg, happened while living with and helping a small group of Hmong refugees establish a village in the northern mountains of Chiang Rai province near the Myanmar (Burma) border.  This is only one example of such work and the times I was not able to take many pictures while roughing it in the mountains and jungles.  Not a single picture was taken there in the few days before I fell off a swinging bamboo walk bridge into a deep ravine, while carrying bamboo to help build a dwelling for a woman with 5 children who had just lost her husband to the fighting between them and the Cambodian army across the border.  Other times my little digital camera (I've gone through 4) had either been dunked in a river, or broken, or ran out of storage capacity, or I had no way to replenish battery power.  So then, what you see are mostly the "easy" and "convenient" photographs - but many are stunning and all are representative of life and culture in this part of the world - and my times in it.

The arrangement of these presentations are roughly in the chronological order of my time in Southeast Asia to date.

►  Click Here for just a few of my Photo Gallery pictures  - (Sorry but the Gallery is not yet complete - I have just started to get it setup.  There are only a few pics out of the 20,000 I will eventually post here, ...but I promise - you will enjoy browsing through them when I get it all up and going!)    

                  ~ Tony's Thailand Photo Presentations ~

 ►  Click here for

                 Tony's Thailand Video Gallery


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Come one come all!  Friends, Romans, Countrymen!  Lend us your ear - Kinfolk, Friends, Old Classmates, Site Visitors, jump on in, CLICK HERE and to join the fun:

- Quo Iratis Patriae!
...for some rousing ripartee!

Update:  Because I went to Southeast Asia shortly after starting this blog, it is now languishing due to the lack of  attention and guidance.  I would like to see someone take it over and give it some TLC...................


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       ~ A PERSONAL MESSAGE FROM Tony Miller


     I am compelled to say here that I am and have always been an inveterate romantic.  Crusty I have been at times, and yet always with consummate and tender thoughts for those who have touched my life.  I believe that if one has ever been friends with, or truly loved another, that this friendship and love never dies or diminishes, and it will be with you to the grave and beyond, no matter the circumstances - this being a thing that can neither be changed nor denied, just accepted.  To all you many guys who have blessed my life, uplifted me and brought me comradeship and happiness, know that I am privileged to have been called your friend.  As to those good sweet girls who I still love and who have loved me (although in earlier days, you will always be fresh and young to me), please know that each of you reside in a special little room in my heart where I go to visit you when I feel the need, and that I am thankful we all parted on good and loving terms.   And to that most special girl of girls - my dear wife of these many years and the mother of my children, I have not words to express the width and depth of my love and eternal devotion to YOU, my dearest. 


     And so to all my special friends, (you know who you are), please know that I will never forget you or run out of love for you.  If you come across this website and see this message, please do not hesitate to contact me and let me tell you again how much you have meant to me.

A tune for my special friends, past and present:                                                     (Click Here)


     For most of my life (except when I was in the U.S. Army), you my friends, have known me as Tony Miller, "Tony" being my middle name.  If looking, you would never find me using this middle name, nor would you know how to pronounce my first name (like "Amil").  So if my "uppity dignified" name sounds strange to you, be assured it does to me too.  Any old friends who might wish to contact me with a personal message  are welcome to  email me at this address: 

                                                           ...Emil T. (Tony ) Miller

     P. S.  - For the best collection of "Our Music" of the 1950's and a little beyond, go here.  This is probably the best collection on the Internet:

Paul's Music 


To Arms!
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